Ways To Use Essential Oils

Bradley Metoyer

Posted on March 22 2018

Ways to use essential oils


Diffusion provides continuous distribution of the oils’ scents and active constituents, making it easy to absorb them within the body. The olfactory system is the mechanism of smell, and its nerve fibers run directly to the brain and limbic system, therefore the emotional effects of scents are immediately recognized. Diffusion is an effective and noninvasive way to reap the benefits of essential oils.


Skin Applications

Certain oils can be applied to the skin, though it is very important to use caution when doing so. Pure essential oils are highly concentrated and need to be diluted for safe, topical use. Almond and Jojoba are two of the most popular carrier oils and are ideal for diluting. For more information on topical applications, we suggest consulting an aromatherapist or an authoritative aromatherapy book.



Adding a few drops of some of your favorite essential oils to a warm bath is a wonderful way to unwind after a long, stressful day. As with all highly concentrated essential oils, always dilute them first with salts or an emulsifier such as milk or sesame oil so that the oils disperse safely in the water. Overuse of essential oils in the bath can cause irritation, so be cautious and use only mild, non-irritating oils for the bath.


Cosmetic Additions

Some essential oils can be complementary to your favorite cosmetic and personal care products. These include soaps and body washes, shampoos and conditioners, moisturizing lotions and creams, and many others. Always make sure, however, that the oil you’re working with is properly diluted and appropriate for topical use.


For information on essential oil safety, go to nowfoods.com/eosafety  Essential oils blended with carrier oils may clog diffusers; please clean thoroughly after each use

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